War Dogs

JANUARY 1, 2000, HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT --If thirty years ago somebody had told me that Wolfer and I were going to be the subject of the first commemorative war dog envelope issued by the United States Postal Service, I would have thought they'd been in the sun too long. But that is exactly what has happened! Called a "cachet," the envelope features a full color photo and Wolf and I, which was taken in a rice paddy in 1970. It was unveiled in January at a fund-raising event for K-9 Crime Stoppers in Hartford, Connecticut, and subsequently was sold through the Manchester, Conn. Post Office. Kudos to the Postmaster Ron Boyne and VDHA supporters Bryan Colletti and Mike Lemish for seeing this through.   ---  Wolf would have been so pleased to put his pawprint of approval on this.

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America's secret shame, the war dogs of the US military