TechTalk:            Brake Bedding-In Procedures

Repco Brake Pad Bedding-In Procedure

This is the procedure outlined by Repco/ITM/Axxis for bedding in 
Metal Master brake pads

To condition material surfaces correctly, the following procedures should be followed: Under NO circumstances should you drive the vehicle with the brake continually applied as a bed-in procedure because: Additionally, if the pads are being bedded-in on new rotors, dragging the brakes will overheat the rotors. The procedure outlined above is for bedding-in Repco Metal Master pads only, but is good for breaking in new rotors too. It should not be used for bedding-in other types of performance pads. For other pad compounds use the bed-in procedure outlined by the manufacturer. Most competition pads should not be beded-in on new rotors, and new rotors should never be broken-in with new comp pads. However, street pads can be beded-in with new rotors and vice versa. 
Created: Wednesday, June 19, 1996

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 18, 2001