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We are working on Tank's page and will continue to add to it as he grows up so check back often to see what we've added. For those of you who care about such things, Tank's "real" name is McA-dane's Pot O Gold V Bridane. Tank is out of a breeding of BISS Ch. Bridane's Pi in the Sky (PI), who was ranked # 15 in the country in 1998, and RHR's Class Act (Classy) owned by Phill and Karin McAleese. Mostly this page is for Tank's breeder and and his sire's owners to keep tabs on him as he grows up. For now, here are some random pics of the Tankster.

3/16/02 - This page has gotten pretty big now, and takes a while to load. I will be breaking it up into several smaller pages as soon as I can make some time. For now I apologize for the wait. BTW, to see a full sized version of any of the photos below, just click on the thumbnail version - to save time and not have to reload this big page each time, Netscape users can right mouse click on the thumbnail and select "Open in a New Window" You can then simply close that window to return to this one without having to wait for the page to reload. (Sorry, I don't touch IE, so I can't help those of you who use it.)

5/6/02 - Well I finally got some time to split this page up so it won't take so long to load. The photos below date from October and November 2001.

Marc & Carole

Click on images to see larger versions

Yeah those are my ears. 
So what?
With one ear starting to pocket we altered his wrap. It makes him look pretty goofy.

Taking time to smell
the flowers.

Taking time to smell
the... never mind.

Who is that dark dog standing next to me.

Gracie chasing Tank

Gracie & Tank tuckered out after all that play.

Hunting those elusive

No we don't own fawns because they match our color scheme so well. And no we didn't chose the color scheme to go with our dogs either.

How can you not love this face?
Yeah it is my toy, what's it to you?

Carole and Tank sound asleep in our big bed.
Here's a series of 5 photos of Gracie and Tank playing in the living room. Yes, we do have a "Dane proof" house.

Gracie comes in for the attack, and...

...Tank ends up dirty side up.

Don't know how I ended up with this "double exposure" look with a digital camera, but this is unretouched. Hey what happened to Tank's head?

Tank can't quite manage that disappearing head trick on Gracie, but he sure is game to try.

Such a sweetie.
The next 10 images are of Tank's ears. It is about 5 weeks after his crop surgery. How 'bout them ears? We are going to leave the ears untaped unless they start to droop.

Even asleep his ears are standing!

Dad I was sound asleep, leave me alone already...

...Slurp, ah what was I saying? ...

...ahh, uhmm..

...Oh yeah, let me sleep!

Just watching some TV.

Making sure mom's feet are safe.
Tank says all of you who laughed at his ears when they were taped and going to have to eat some crow now, aren't you?

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