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Wish List

There are a number of things we are in need of. Some are one-time items, and some are ongoing type items such as dog food. If you can help out in anyway, please let us know.

Our Wish List:

  • Dog Food - We go through 250-350 lb. of food a week. You can donate to us directly through our supplier, Pleasant Hill Feed. You can reach them at (541) 741-2751. Just tell them you want to donate something to our account. Or you can donate to us through PayPal, just click on the logo-->
  • Dog Treats - Any type biscuits (MilkBone, Nutro, etc.) are most welcome. We prefer Nutro brand treats but will certainly use other brands (or even bulk). We use these as general rewards and treats. Sometimes we use them for training, but mostly for that we use freeze dried chicken/liver/beef treats, which we also are in need of. 
  • Dog Beds - After years of messing around trying to come up with some sort of bedding that would last, that could get wet, that was easy to clean, and most importantly, that the dogs would not simply chew up, we found the ultimate in dog beds. They are all we use now. The Kuranda Dog Bed is unique in its design and is absolutely the best dog bed we have ever seen. To find out more about the Kuranda Beds click here. And to donate a Kuranda to us just click on the photo on the right.
  • A Van for Transports - Thanks to Janis Eberhart we now have the perfect hauler, a nice old VW Vanagon.
  • Towels - We use a lot of towels to clean up messes etc., and to wash or wipe down the dogs. A towel around here does not have a long life, so we are always looking for towels.
  • Swiffer Wet Jet Pads. - We use a Swiffer Wet Jet  to clean up after the dogs. We can always use more pads for the mop.
  • Giant Sized Dog Crate - We have several smaller crates but what we really need is one of the giant sized wire crates (Size: 54"L x 37"W x 45"H). If you are unsure what we mean, go here and you'll see a great example.
  • General Office Supplies - We always need basic office supplies such as; ink jet printer paper, postage stamps, ink jet cartridges, laser toner cartridges, double A batteries, etc.
  • Vet type Scale - We got one!
  • Odor Neutralizer - We are always in need of odor neutralizers such as Simple Solution. We go through gallons of the stuff because all our dogs are indoor dogs. We even use this stuff  in the Swiffer Wet Jet instead of their cleaning solution.
  • Gift Certificates - Gift certificates to any supplier of any of the previous items are always welcome.
  • LCD Flat Panel Monitor - We got one! Thanks to Katie and Matt Earle for our wonderful new monitor!!!
  • Generator - We need a back up generator. Living in a rural area we get regular power outages. We need a backup generator to supply power when the utilites are down. We have been told we should get at least a 15 kilowatt and we need one that will run on propane. We need to ensure that the heat and ventilation stays on in the dog buildings, even when the power goes down.
  • Flatbed Truck - We got one! Thanks to Barb Helberg. It's an oldie but like us, it's a golden oldie.

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in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear."
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