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Dane  Ambassador
Surrendering a Dog

If you have a dog you want to surrender to us, please email us. When possible, we will arrange transport for your dog at no charge to you, however it is ultimately your responsibility to get your dog to us. We will take any deaf Great Dane regardless of location, provided there isn't a local Dane rescue that works with deaf Danes. We will take any deaf Great Dane, no matter what other problems they might have, however we must know their physical condition and any health issues they have. We will not turn a dog down because of health issues, but we can not arrange volunteer transport of a sick animal. We also do not want to unknowingly make our own dogs, or dogs already in rescue, sick. So please be up front about any medical problems you know of or suspect. All surrenders must be accompanied by a release form. We have several forms, depending on whether you are a shelter, an owner, or the dog has been found stray. We can not accept a dog without a release form. We also ask for a medical release form when ever possible, so that we can get copies of the dog's medical history.

Private owners should click here to download the
owner surrender form.

Rescues and shelters should click here to download the rescue surrender/transfer form.

Everyone, if the dog will not be sent to us with complete medical records please also click here to download the 
medical release form.

If you need a different form please email us and let us know which one you need.

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