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Dane  Ambassador
True Life Tails of Success - Morgan

Hi, I love your web page, and I would like to share my Dane with you.

Her name is Morgan. I  have had her since she was 2 months old.  She is my very first dog.  She is on seizure medicine daily (has had 9 total in the last 4 years), we just had her eye removed, and she is like a puppy again (went blind in the one eye when she was about 7 months old), the Dr. said she is about 85 percent deaf.( I have always used hand and body signals with her) and still play the sneak up game on her, but she sure has a very good nose.  Morgan will be 5 years old this August. I love her so very much.  She is so good with my kidlet, the cats and still wants to sit on my lap.  At 175 Lbs she is big for a female. 

Thank you  for putting awareness out there.

Angela Howard
Newberg, Oregon

Here, Gentlemen, a dog teaches us a lesson in humanity.
--Napoleon Bonaparte

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