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True Life Tails of Success - Merlyn

I read about your Delilah a long time ago. I bumped into your site when I first got my hearing Dane. And now that I have a deaf Dane, her story touches me even more. Unfortunately I haven't had Merlyn very long so there isn't much of a story yet. 

Merlyn was a dog that was left on the side of the road as a puppy by his breeder who probably thought he was unsellable. He was picked up by animal control and quickly adopted by a lady that didn't know what she was getting herself into. She would scream at Merlyn and hit him when he didn't do what she said (Duh!!! He is deaf and she knew it, that's the bad part). The lady finally gave him to her sister, who didn't do that much better. She goes to shelters and places, and adopts purebred looking dogs. She then turns around and sells them at a profit. That's how I acquired Merlyn. Her ad was on Petfinder and I was looking to adopt another Dane. I bought him at the price of $125.00, knowing full well what she was doing. However, I felt that it was worth it to give Merlyn a second chance at a good and happy life.

He is just now coming to enjoy being petted, and his medical problems are getting better. He's had an ear infection, skin problems, and teeth problems, and he is only 9 months old. He is still a little scared when you first come up and pet him, and he sure doesn't like strangers very much, but we think these behavioral issues will get better with time and love.  He is such a terrific dog. To think what he has gone through is very saddening to me and my husband.  But he has become a blessing in our lives, and we hope that we are the same to him.

Rachelle & Mike Johnson

Update 12/20/02

Merlyn is doing great, he has put on a lot of weight. And he knows 6 different hand signals. His personality has also really come out!! It turns out Merlyn is a playful little bundle of energy. Who would have guessed. He has come so far and we are so proud!!! He absolutely loved the snow a few weeks ago and because of his pretty white coat he looked just gorgeous in it!

Thank you
Rachelle Johnson

Here, Gentlemen, a dog teaches us a lesson in humanity.
--Napoleon Bonaparte

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