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 True Life Tails of Success - Kimba

I adopted my deaf Dane Kimba last August (2001).

She was about 12 weeks when I got her, and in May she had her first birthday. Kimba is not my first Dane. I adopted Pepper when she was 2 1/2 years old, and this past May she turned four. Pepper is black with a little white markings, and my Kimba is a merliquin with the bluest eyes I've ever seen. I was skeptical about getting a deaf dog but after a couple of months I knew my life would be different without her.

As much as I hate to admit it, she has not had much training but she does know a few commands. When I first got her, I lived on a third floor condo. This past April I moved to a house, with a good size back yard. My finance put up a fence for my girls. On the back side of the house, was a little attached closed-in sunroom.  Well, this is now the girls room, and in it they have a sofa and chair, a night stand with a lamp, their treat cabinet, food and water bowls, their own a/c unit, and of course, the doggy door that leads into the fenced in area.

Until the doggy door was in stalled, Kimba was still having accidents, but since the doggy door, no accidents at all.  She learned quick on how to go out thru the door. Since moving to the house, my finance and I have both noticed that she is getting calmer and gets along great with Pepper. It took Pepper awhile to get use to her new sister but she is very protective. I use to be a "cat person" but since my Danes, wouldn't want anything else. 

I love my girls!!!!!

Well, thanks for letting me share some of my story. 

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