eet Our own deaf
Dane  Ambassador

If you are interested in fostering a dog for DDRI, or in volunteering to help with other aspects of our operations, please fill out this application form

Once we have processed your application we will contact you to arrange an interview and home visit. Fostering a DDRI dog is much more involved than fostering for most other rescues because all our dogs are put through an intensive training, behavioral, and socialization program. It is part of the foster home's job to implement this program and keep us apprised of the dog's progress. A familiarity with training using a variety of techniques, with a strong emphasis on positive training, is going to be a big help to anyone considering being a foster home for DDRI. Experience with animal behavior theory and modification techniques would also be helpful, but is not required. We will happily train prospective foster homes in the basics, and provide on-the-job training in specific areas. A knowledge of ASL (American Sign Language, the official sign language of the deaf in most of North America) would be a plus, but we do not generally train our dogs to ASL. We do use some ASL signs, and we modify others, but unless we have been asked by an adoptive family to train to ASL, we prefer to use signs created specifically for use with a dog.

If you do not feel you are able to meet the requirements for being a DDRI foster  but you would still like to help out, or you want to try getting your feet wet before you jump into the deep end of fostering,  please look into being a volunteer. We often need help with various tasks, including hands-on tasks such as socialization trips.  

We appreciate your interest in helping us in our work with deaf Danes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us either by email or by phone at 541-782-2242.

It was like just meeting you made his day. 
He quivered with excitement. Rolled over in submission.
Nuzzled up so's the warmth of his body came soothing
to your heart through the skin of your ankle.
So you picked him up.
That's the way with love. It's contagious. - Bill Tarrant
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