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Donating to Us

Donating is easy. You can click on the Paypal logo on the menu on any of our pages and that will take you to a PayPal page where you can donate instantly and securely on-line.

Or you can mail us a check or money order made out to Deaf Dane Rescue Inc. Our mailing address is 49543 Mountain View Road, Oakridge, OR 97463. While we are a non-profit corporation, we have not yet gotten our 501 status, so we are not a charitable organization. That means donations made directly to us are not tax deductible. We are working on this and hope to get this sorted out soon.

Every dollar we take in goes directly to the care of our rescue dogs. Unless directed otherwise by the donor, we do not use general donations for any other purposes. All our other expenses are covered by in-house gifts and donations of services etc., mostly from our volunteers and organizers. This let's us use general donations just for the dogs, or as directed by the donor. For example, if you want to earmark your donation for a specific dog, or for any specific uses, we can do that. Or we can apply your donation to whatever use you think is best.

Some of the things we use general donations for;

  • Dog food, we typically go through about 280 lb. of dog food a week.
  • Special diet needs, some dogs need supplements or have special dietary needs
  • General vet services, including exams, worming, shots, medications, 
  • Spay/neutering services
  • Emergency vet services
  • All dogs are chipped prior to placement
  • Transportation such as pick up and delivery, plus transport to the vets, etc.
  • General dog supplies such as bowls, collars, name tags, etc.
Things we do not use general donations for;
  • Office equipment/supplies, such as phones, answering machines, cameras, computers, paper, etc.
  • Man-hours, all work time is donated, including time spent driving transport, training, etc.
  • General operating expenses, such as filing fees, etc.
  • Vehicle - we have a van that was donated to us for transporting dogs, aside from the actual trip expenses we pay nothing to use the vehicle. Registration, maintenance, storage, and insurance costs are donated to us.
All our income derives from donations, either general, adoption specific, earmarked, or gifts of services, or from selling items on our new website Store. We depend on the generosity and big hearts of dog lovers. So please take a moment and see if you can't help us out by donating or by shopping at our website Store.

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