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Directions to DDRI

First off let me be clear. Visits are by appointment only. No drop ins. If you show up unannounced, you will be asked to leave. We need time to arrange our schedules and the animals' schedules to ensure that the animals' lives are not disrupted, and we are not committed to other tasks. Visits are scheduled only after you have been approved to adopt from us, and we have gotten time to get a good sense of what animals we think will be a good fit for you. We are no a zoo or a public shelter and we do not welcome lookyloos. No offense, but our lives are busy enough, and we do not like to waste our time, or our animals' time. We also do not like to get the animals too excited or worked up. Stress is a key factor in bloat, so we manage our animals' stress levels, for their well being. That said...

DDRI is located about 7 miles outside of Oakridge, OR off a road called High Prairie.The area we live in is a peninsula of private land that protrudes into the national forest northeast from Oakridge. it is clearly visible on a map even at a fairly large scale (You can see it very clearly in the satellite photo below, it is the finger of light colored land protruding northeast from Oakridge into the green of the forest).

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A word of caution before I go any further. Most online maps, such as Google Maps, and Mapquest have significant errors in them for our area. Streets are misidentified or misnamed, and addresses are not always correctly located. So do not trust an online map to help you find our specific street or house. In addition, the directions they give, while they may work, are not generally the best route, so if our directions differ from those you got online, please trust ours over the online directions. Likewise, GPS systems seem to do a better job of getting folks lost than helping them find their way, up here in the mountains. Few people following their GPS have ever made it to our house (or even our street) without getting lost or needing additional help. So do not plan on relying on your GPS alone when you head up here. You can use it, but rely on our directions anytime there is a discrepancy between us and the GPS. Also, be aware that once you turn onto Hwy 58 cell phone coverage will be spotty or non existent. You get coverage down in the Pleasant Hill/Dexter area and again in Oakridge itself. but much of Hwy 58 and most of the roads leading up to our place from Oakridge, do not have good coverage. Cell phones do not work up at our place.

We are located just a short distance from Camp 6, one of the last of the temporary logging camps set up by the lumber company when they were logging up in this area. The cabins and all the infrastructure were left in place when the mill shut down. And over the years, people have begun to purchase the cabins and restore or renovate them. All the cabins share one septic system and one well. Camp 6 is easy to identify on the maps, it is two concentric half circles at the very end of High Prairie Road, just a bit northeast of us.
(click here to see an aerial view of our neighborhood, just remember the streets may not be named properly)

Oakridge is located on State Highway 58, also known as the Willamette Highway, which connects Interstate 5 on the west with State Highway 97 on the east. Highway 58 is the first exit off I5 south of Eugene, OR. It is clearly marked as both the Goshen exit and as Highway 58. It runs Southeast from I5 heading up into the mountains. But first it passes through pasture land in the Pleasant Hill area and then runs along the south shore of two very large reservoirs as you begin to climb into the mountains. You will pass two dams and a recently restored covered bridge (photo to the right, seen from the north side looking back towards Hwy 58) passing over the lower reservoir, which is called Dexter Reservoir. Dexter Reservoir is the smaller of the two reservoirs, but is a permanent, year round lake. The upper reservoir, Lookout Point Reservoir (photo to the left, seen looking southeast from on the dam) is much larger but is used for both flood control and irrigation purposes so it is seasonal. They let it fill up over the winter and generally let it drain down considerably over the summer and early fall.

Eventually you will run smack dab into Oakridge. Hwy 58 bisects the town. It used to be two  separate cities, with Oakridge on the north side of Hwy 58 and Willamette City on the south. But Oakridge annexed Willamette city some years ago, and it is all one now. Beware the speed limits in Oakridge, the cops are sticklers and love to give out tickets. The speed limit on Hwy 58 in the city is 35 and they mean 35. Not 38, 35, 'nuff said? On side streets the speed limit is generally 25 and again, they mean it. So drive smart when you are Oakridge. Most of the hotels are on the north side of Hwy 58 and most of them are on the west side of town, so you'll come to them pretty quickly. There is only one stoplight in Oakridge, it's at the intersection of Hwy 58 and Crestview St. There's a Rays supermarket on the corner. And that leads us to the directions from Oakridge up to our little piece of heaven...

At the stoplight, turn onto Crestview St. and go up over the bridge. At the bottom of the bridge is an intersection with a stop sign. If you are going right, you do not have to stop. And that is just what you want to do, go right onto West 1st St. The name will change to East 1st St. at some point. You are going to want to make a left onto Oak St. There is a 1st Tech Credit Union on the corner. Oak immediately starts going up hill. At the next intersection, which is just a short block, you will come to another intersection with a stop sign that allows folks going right to proceed without stopping. Again, this is just what you want. You are going to make a right onto East 2nd St. and almost immediately you will want to veer left onto Westoak Road and continue to go up hill. After a bit you'll come to a "Y" intersection where Westoak Road essentially turns into High Prairie Road. You want to take the right fork (essentially going straight) onto High Prairie Road. You will come to another "Y" intersection, where McFarland Road goes off to the left and High Prairie goes to the right (watch out this is a sharp corner). Go right and stay on High Prairie (you will stay on High Prairie Road until past milepost 6). Right after this intersection is yet another "Y" intersection. This is the one that gets most folks, especially those using GPS. High Prairie goes off to the left and up hill. Brock Road goes off to the right and down hill. Keep left at this intersection and stay on High Prairie Road. Now it is all pretty easy. Just going up High Prairie, past the big prairies that give the road its name and on past Dead Mountain Road. A little bit past Dead Mountain Road there is an "S" curve with a gentle right hand curve followed by a sharp left hand curve. Right after the "S" curve is our street, Mountain View Road. Mountain View goes off to the left only, so obviously you are going to turn left onto Mountain View Road. We are the 2nd house on the right.
Our House>>>>>>>

So see that wasn't so bad was it? Okay, I know, but trust me, it sounds a lot more complex than it really is.
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