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Adopted 11/20/05!!

Dear Marc,

As I sit here on the couch looking at my sleepy boy I feel incredibly blessed to have him in my life. There is something about a dog who can't hear, he relies on me and his hearing sisters more than we can know, but then we rely on him more than he will know. He is honestly the sweetest dog I have ever known. Everyone in the family loves him and he is quite popular at work as well. I started thinking about how he got here - YOU!!! I know what you are doing is amazing, you have such a big heart. Doug and I took Wonder to the Lucky Lab on Saturday night and ran into Glenna and her parents. ...

What you do is nothing short of a miracle, you take dogs who are on death row and transform them into loving caring family members. I know that Wonder would not be the sweet loving lap dog if it wasn't for you. Thank You!!! I can promise you that we have and will continue to take extreme measures to keep Wonder safe and healthy. Since we have had him he has bloated and we paid $800 for his emergency vet visit and then $1,700 on his surgery. I want to assure you that Wonder is in a great home, he gets walks every day and occasionally comes to work with me. He is very very happy. ...

Again, thank you for doing what you do!

P.S. We will be getting married next summer and Wonder will be our Ring Bearer walking with the best man!!!

  • Yeah it is my personal universe, so what? Gender - male
  • Age/DOB - 10/27/03
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - 111 lb.
  • Spayed/Neutered - not yet
  • Taken in on  - 12/26/03
  • Available as of - now
  • Housebroken - yes
  • Obedience trained - yes
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - Unk
    • with kids - yes
    • with the elderly - yes
  • Temperament - Wonder is a very affectionate, cuddly, loving dog. He tends to be rather submissive with people, but also tends to get what he wants from them.

  • Comments
Wonder came to us the day after Christmas 2003. He is from a breeder in Florida.

Update 4/1/04 - Well Wonder has grown out of his temper tantrums finally, without doing any further damage to me. :-) He is becoming a very nice, well behaved young man. He is such a sweet, happy dog now. The Wonder-full boy is still here, and that evil twin we kept bumping into is no longer around. :-) We have also made some big strides in the potty training department. Wonder developed Dirty Dog Syndrome, which is where they cease to care about keeping their "den" or themselves clean. He was pottying in his bedding and then sleeping in it. We went through some major gyrations trying to figure out how to deal with this. We ended up putting him in a crate that was attached to an ex-pen. There was no door on the crate, so he could go back and forth between the crate and the ex-pen at will. We put his bedding in the crate, and set up a potty area at the other end of the ex-pen. This helped a lot, and when the new puppies arrived and reminded him about crying to be taken out, it all seemed to click for him. The whole concept of not going in your den, and asking to go out before you've pottied, all came back to him. He isn't perfect, but at his age he isn't expected to be. Mostly his accidents are my fault not his. I can't get to him fast enough sometimes with all these dogs here. But the important thing is he got it finally and is trying his best to keep his crate clean, and to let me know when he needs to go out.

I can't believe how fast he is growing now. He is looking like a dog instead of a puppy. I haven't had time to take more pics with all these dogs we've got right now, but I will try to add at least a few new shots to this page in the next week or so.

Update 8/13/04 - Well Wonder has graduated to free access of the house, he is no longer crated at all. Now that the weather is nice the back door is open and he goes outside to potty anytime he needs to go. He is still too young to hold it for too very long, and he can get distracted and forget he needs to go, then all of a sudden, bam, he needs to go that very instant. But this is perfectly normal and as he gets older and his body develops, he will outgrown this. Wonder is really developing into a very special dog. He is perhaps the most affectionate dog we have ever owned. He is content to sit with you for hours and loves to sleep in your lap. He is a very well behaved boy and has been easy to train. All in all he has turned into a really great dog. Someone is going to be very lucky to get this guy.

Update 5/20/05 - Wonder has had 3 seizures, he has one about every six months or so. There is no apparent reason for them, the medical term is idiopathic seizures. He is not badly affected by them, some disorientation and clumsiness for a short while afterwards. He is healthy otherwise and has grown up to be quite the dog. He is very very sweet and affectionate, he loves to cuddle. He can be a bit dominant with some other dogs. It's not a big deal, but we would have to be sure he would work with any existing dog in the home. He is well behaved and pretty laid back, a fairly quiet soul all in all. He'll be happy to be someone's devoted pal. He's a good size now, no more little boy, but he is still the same cuddly puppy he was the day he first got here.

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