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Dane  Ambassador


Adopted 11/12/10
  • Gender - Female
  • Age/DOB - 04/24/01
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - ~110
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 09/26/05
  • Available as of - Now
  • Housebroken - yes
  • Obedience trained - Yes
  • Good with other dogs - mostly
    • with cats - Unk
    • with kids - Not very young kids
    • with the elderly - Probably not
  • Temperament - Very sweet. But can be a bit rambunctious. Needs attention.

  • Comments

Vella (short for Vellossa Raptere, perhaps the most inappropriate name we could think of when we first saw her) came to us severely overweight, lethargic, and clearly in trouble. She was hypothyroid and her owner was trying to "manage" the disease through diet. This was not working, which was partly why she was so overweight and lethargic.  We started calling her our little manatee, because she looked a lot like one somehow. We put her on a diet, got her to the vet and got her on medication for her hypothyroid, and she is a whole new dog now. Between the medication, the diet, and the exercise she gets here, she has turned into a svelte, athletic dog. Our little manatee is gone, but in her place is a happy, loving Dane. Vella is housebroken and well behaved. She gets along well with the other dogs, though because she has vision and hearing deficits, she can sometimes be startled by them. Sometimes she does not like it when the other dogs try to play rough with her, and sometimes she does not want to share her bed. Other times she is the instigator of the rough play, or the one looking for a buddy to cuddle up with. She has some training and is generally eager to please. But sometimes her excitement and exuberance get the best of her. She is a sweet dog overall, and someone will be very lucky to get her.

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"If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face,
you should go home and examine your conscience."
- Woodrow Wilson

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