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Goodbye Sweet Dufus.
Titan battled seizures his whole life. In fact that is why he was turned over to us. For a while after he got here, it looked like we had them under control. Then a few months ago, they started up again. They progressed to cluster seizures and we had to put him on phenobarbital. For a while that seemed to be working for him. Sadly today, Friday, April 27th at about 10:10 AM he started a siezure that ended up turning into what is called a static siezure. This means the siezure just would not stop. We rushed him to the vet and after duscussing his history and prognosis with them, we decided to let Titan go. It was terrible to see him that way, and we just weren't willing to risk putting him through it again. No one had ever expressed any interest in adopting this sweet, sweet dog, and we felt it was clear he was not ever going to be adoptable. We also felt it was clear his condition was getting worse, and that there was little to no hope of him having a quality life. So we did the only thing we could for him, we took away his seizures and eased his passing.

Titan was a remarkable dog, so full of life and so happy. He was a joy to be around and we will miss him greatly. He was a silly, goofy puppy in a huge great Dane body. As you can see from the photos below, he loved to play with the puppies. We always felt he knew deep down inside he was just a big puppy himself, and that he really belonged with the other puppies and not the "big dogs."

He went out this morning and played with his best buddy, Malcom, and had a great time. It was a beautiful sunny morning. He always loved to sleep in the sun. I let the dogs back in the house and about a half hour later he started seizing. He had two grand mal seizures back to back and then he sort of came out of it mostly for a few minutes. During that time I gave him some additional meds and loved him up. He was still out of it but he did know it was me and he licked my face till my skin nearly came off. Then he started seizing again and it settled into a static seizure pattern. He never did regain consciousness.

He is buried here in our pet cemetery at the back of our property, next to our own dog, Gracie.

Good bye, you big baby you.

  • Gender - male
  • Age/DOB - 12/2/98
  • Height  at the shoulder - ~36"
  • Weight -
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 08/01/05
  • Available as of - Now
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - Some
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - Yes
    • with kids - Not very young kids
    • with the elderly - Probably not
  • Temperament - Very sweet. But can be a bit rambunctious. Needs attention.
  • Comments

Titan is a big boy, well a tall boy. He tends to be on the thin side, and even when he is a good weight, he is boney and looks too thin. He has the same weak back end that Socs has, in fact looking at these two you would swear they are closely related. However, where Socs is a mature dog, Titan is still all puppy. Titan has seizures, about one every 3-4 months or so. He is on a homeopathic remedy for this which so far seems to be working. As infrequent as his seizures are, we do not want to see him on any full time medication for them, nor does our vet. Titian seems a bit slow to mature, maybe the seizures have something to do with this, or maybe he is just one of those perennial puppies. Whatever, he is your typical happy hyper wild child Dane puppy, just a lot larger and older than most puppies. :-) He is a charmer and really loves people. In fact, like a puppy, he loves everyone and everything. The whole world was put here just for him, just ask him. Titan is a great dog, probably not for everyone, as his "youth" can get tiring, and he can be clumsy, but for the right family he will be the perfect dog. We would not  recommend him for families with small children, just because he is likely to bang into the wee ones by accident.

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