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    Adopted 7/1/03

Update 06/07
Hi Marc,
Congratulations on your new home and thanks for all the good work you continue to do! Everywhere I go people want to know about Tillie and I encourage them to go to your website and consider adopting a deaf dane.

Tillie is doing extremely well. She hasn't had a seizure in a few years and she recently had a check-up and teeth cleaning and is very healthy.

She is extremely sweet and I don't know what we would do without her. I'm still working on my husband and trying to convince him that we need another deaf dane, but he's not ready yet. He did tell me that someday he would like to adopt another.
Here are some new photos, as you can see the only bad habit Tillie has is begging for food; otherwise, she is perfect!

  • Gender- Female
  • Age - 12 weeks
  • DOB - 10/27/02
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - 20 lb
  • Spayed/Neutered -not yet
  • Taken in on  - 01/19/03
  • Available as of - 06/01/03
  • Housebroken - mostly
  • Obedience trained - Not yet
  • Good with other dogs - yes
    • with cats - Yes
    • with kids - Yes
    • with the elderly - Yes
  • Temperament - excellent, very loving and friendly a typical puppy though, lots of energy.

  • Comments
Tillie is a sweet, outgoing, very stable pup. She is on the small side and we are working to put some weight on her, but we do not want to push too hard and cause growth problems. She is almost pure white, is bilaterally deaf and has blue eyes. She is very smart and very outgoing. She is as house trained as a dog can be at this age. She has not had any accidents in our house, but then we take her out anytime she wakes up and right after meals. She has gone to the back door on her own several times, when she needed to go out, so she clearly understand the concept. She has been crate trained but she hates being locked away from people and will raise a real stink at first. She sleeps in the bed with us and can last the entire night, but she has to go out as soon as you get up or she will have an accident.  

We know Tillie's breeder and all about her early life. The breeder did very well by Tillie, which is why her personality is so balanced and stable. The breeder offered to buy Tillie back when they heard she was deaf and the owner was not going to keep her. But they supported the owner's decision to place Tillie with us once they heard more about our program. We have full medical records on Tillie and a full history. She is not your typical rescue dog with a lot of unknowns. We even know about both parents.

Tillie is a very secure pup. Aside from a very reasonable concern about being squashed by all the "big dogs" in the house, she has shown absolutely no fear of the other dogs. In fact she will give them "what for" if they get too rough with her. And she does not seem to be fazed by scoldings from us or the other dogs. She is very sure of herself and takes everything life gives her in stride, even the nail trimming we did a few days ago. :-)

Update 1/30/03 -  Tillie has learned her first sign this week. She knows the sign for sit now. It took her about 3 sessions to learn the sign, or about 15 min. total. Now she is sitting all the time, even when not asked. She figures a sit has got to be worth a treat. :-) Tillie has quite the temper and is more than willing to give anybody hell if they tick her off, no matter how big they may be.

Update 2/13/03 - Tillie is starting to grow now. She has put on weight and just this last week has started to grow like a weed. She is about twice as big as she was when we first got her. She isn't a one-handed carry anymore! Tillie is crate trained and
we had to go to up to a large size crate this week because she wasn't fitting into her medium size crate any more. Now that she has some room in the crate, she has gotten to love it. She sleeps in it now, eats her meals there, and often goes into it just to hang out or to get away from the "big dogs."

Update 3/21/03 - Tillie is still on the small side for a Dane, but she is growing at about the same rate as other Danes. I've added some new photos today and you can see in the shots where she is cuddling with the bog dogs, that she is much bigger than she was last month. Tillie is a friendly, open, secure, trusting pup who believes the world revolves around her. She gets along well with all our dogs, however our male, Tank, does not like to be near her and heads for the hills anytime she gets near him. Also the new male in rescue, Otto, sometimes doesn't want her around and will scold her pretty severely. Other times he plays well with her, so she has a hard time figuring when it is okay and when it isn't. It's a good lesson for her to learn, that she needs to respect other dog's personal space, so we do not interfere. it is also teaching her that she can not browbeat everyone into submission, which has been the case here up to now. Tillie eats outside with the big dogs now, but still sleeps in her crate. In fact she sleeps there a lot, even when she has run of the house. Tillie learned the sign for down last month. It took about a minute ot teach it to her. She is very, very smart, and she really wants to please, so she is an easy dog to train right now.

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