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March 2013
I got that call last month that no rescuer likes to get. Tika had to be put down. She developed a serious seizure issue that progressed rapidly to a point where she was having multiple seizures daily and was exhibiting other serious neurological issues. She was not responding to any of the treatments and her owners decided it was best to let her go. We had her a long time, and she was a wonderful dog. We will miss her. But we are so grateful that she got to spend her last few months in a home of her own with her special people, people who loved her like we did. And that she got to go to her new home with two of her DDRI friends so she had company.

Adopted 10/27/12

  Tika finally found her home, and she got to bring two of her DDRI buddies with her!
Tika now lives with Grant and Sugar in her new home,
plus she has 2 new friends, Tilly, a Doberman and Mini, a Bichon

  • Gender - Female
  • Age/DOB - 3/07
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight -
  • Spayed/Neutered - yes
  • Taken in on  - 3/26/09
  • Available as of - 6/26/09
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - some
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - Unk
    • with kids -  Some
    • with the elderly - Some
  • Temperament -Tika is a sweet dog who does not see well at all. For most purposes she should be considered blind at this point. This makes her a bit skittish, as she sees enough to know there is something moving in front of her, but not enough to know what it is. Once she gets a whiff of you her tail goes into overdrive

  • Comments
We were contacted by an AZ rescue who had adopters here in OR that had asked them for help with Tika. Here is the story we first got.

We heard about Tika through a friend about 2 to 3 months ago that she was all skin and bones, but the person would not give her name or address. We made quite a few attempts to get through to this lady. We finally got a call from our friend that the lady was going to move, so I jumped in the truck and made a 3 hour drive to pick up Tika. When the lady open the door and I saw Tika my jaw about hit the ground. All I could think of was getting Tika in the truck before the lady changed her mind.

As far as her medical condition I believe she was born deaf, but I have seen her respond to some noises. As far as her eyes, the lady who had her said when she was younger they did a procedure on the one eye which I believe she has the most vision out of. The other eye has a growth in the corner of the eye, if I understand her correctly the other eye had the same condition but she stated that she could not afford the $200.00.

I can say the last 4 days that we have had her, she has a very loving personality. All she wants is a lot of love. We have 4 dogs and she has not shown any aggression at all - if anything our dogs are tolerating Tika - but i can tell they are not happy she is here. One thing Terry and I want to make sure she goes to someone who really cares about her because she is really sweet. Terry & I will be willing to deliver Tika were ever she must go. Tika has gone through a lot and she deserves a good home.

Once we got Tika here, we were able to confirm that she is deaf, though she may have some minor hearing. Her primary vision problem is cherry eye, which she has had in both eyes. As noted, the one eye was fixed surgically, though the inner lid is still positioned rather high, which is compounded by the fact that her pupils are off center and low. This means the surgery did not restore a lot of vision in that eye. The other eye has not been corrected and appears to have the same issues. We will look into this and see what our options are with her. If we could improve her vision in either eye, even just a little bit, this would greatly improve the quality of her life as her vision issues are her main handicap. Her timidity and skittishness stem directly from her vision problems and correcting her vision will go a long ways toward addressing these issues too. She is very underweight, and we have her on a diet to put some weight back on her.

Tika is a very sweet and very affectionate girl who wants so badly to have a person to love. There isn't a mean bone in her body. She is confused by all the changes in her life so far, and this is exacerbated by her vision issues as well. She holds her tail high and is a world class tail wagger, so she is at risk for "happy tail" and would not be the best dog for a family with toddlers or small kids. Tika has a lot of love to give, and she is looking for someone to share that love with. She is easy to train, if she can see what it is you want. Again this will improve if we can improve her eyesight even a little bit.

Once Tika has put on some more weight, we will discuss her eye surgery issues, and her spay surgery with our vet. Until then, she is not available for adoption, but we are accepting applications on her.

Update - Tika has been spayed, She is up to full weight and is strong and healthy. She did not seem to see out of the one eye at all, and the sight in the other eye was pretty poor too. But then she seemed to loose the sight in her "good" eye and is now completely blind.  It took her a while, but she has adapted well. She is generally a pretty mellow even keeled sort of girl. Pretty quiet, though she does play with the other dogs, but only when she feels like it. She does not like them bothering her if she doesn't want to play. When that happens, she tries her best to just find a quiet spot out of the way, where the dogs won't bother her. If they keep pushing she'll snarl and snap to make them go away, but she is not trying to fight or hurt them, just make them understand she doesn't want to be annoyed. She gets a bit wild and excited when people pay attention to her. But she does calm down after a bit. She loves to sleep on the bed with you. All in all she's a very nice girl. She is adapted well to life here and makes the best of whatever her situation is. As I write this update she is in the living room playing with Pudin' one of our other deaf and blind dogs. They've been at it for maybe 15 mins now.

We will post additional photos of  Tika as time goes by, so check back often.
And if you have any questions about Tika or any of our dogs, email us or call us at 541-782-2242
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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion"
- Unknown

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