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Tari has a new home and a new name!
No more Nefratari (aka Tari),
she is now the Pixie Princess (aka Pixie)

Born to fly

Update 9/13/10 Pixie earns her Level One CPE agility title!!!
While not her winning form, here's a nice HD video of Pixie in an agility competition

Hey Marc,

Just wanted to let you know she's doing great. Mars isn't super thrilled she's here, but he's being nice. He makes the most hillarious faces when she tries to snuggle up to him, the look of horror in his eyes is priceless, but he just gets up and walks away. He refuses to sleep near her at night and stares at me waiting for me to make her move. She of course has picked his spot to sleep in, and while there is plenty of room there to share since she barely takes up any space, he won't sleep by her for now. I know he'll get over it eventually, he and Mini used to snuggle together at night all the time.

I did take her out to a do-it-yourself dog wash on Saturday, and she was a bit freaked out by the city. I figure that's only natural since she's mostly been a country girl her whole life. I'm curious about when I should start pushing that comfort level? She kept trying to hide behind me the whole time we were out and I made sure we got through the bath and the new collar fitting quickly, but she was clearly not comfortable with all the people and cars. How long should I give her before I start taking her to typical city places and pet supply stores and such? She's very comfortable in our house now, but she's barked at people out on walks and seems quite unsure of herself.

Speaking of walks, she's a good little leash walker. She hasn't been pulling much, and the only issue at this point is her going in every which direction and tangling me up. But she seems to be getting the idea that she should stay on one side of me and not leap in front of me or run around me. She's also doing better about pottying outside on leash, only one accident so far, Saturday night, and I knew she had to go but she wouldn't go on leash outside. When the ground defrosts (we have 5 inches of snow here) I plan to put a temporary fence by the back door for a potty area, of course by the time the ground does defrost she'll likely be a pro at on-leash pottying. The only other issue is her obsession with food. She's very pushy about our food, though not in a rude way, she never strikes me as acting rudely. She just wants to stick her nose in whatever we are eating, cooking or drinking. She's wild at dinner, but once I get her in a sit with the bowl in my hand she pulls it together and waits nicely. Every meal she is able to wait a tiny bit longer.

Thanks Marc! I can see why on the website you called her a thief of hearts, she's such a doll. I was so worried we wouldn't click, but for the first time I actually find myself thinking about saying hi to her before I talk to Mars, though I make sure Mars knows he'll always be my most favorite boy ever :)

So, for those who don't know the story this little girl came from Marc at the Deaf Dane Rescue here in Oregon.

She's about 15 months old. She was released to the rescue by a woman who bought her from a breeder, but then decided she couldn't handle a deaf puppy, so after a very short while she ended up with Marc. She pretty much grew up there.

Her description on the website called her a "thief of hearts" and its true. I can't really explain what it is about her but she just makes you melt. She peed in the house, and usually Andrew gets pretty upset over that (it really grosses him out) but he just said "Oh little girl, why'd you do that?" He wasn't even remotely bothered! I was speechless, but that's what she does to you.

Even when you scold her, which is kind of hard considering she's deaf and there is only so much you can do with a scowl, but she just comes over and gives you this look like she didn't mean to be bad and really wants to know what she should do instead. So far the only scold worthy behavior she's exhibiting is trying to get the cat food, or harassing us over food. She's very pushy with food, and I'm not used to that. Mars wouldn't touch a plate of human food if it was set on the floor in front of him. He wouldn't even think about it - its just not something that he'd consider. So a really food pushy dog is a tough adjustment. She's better if we eat at the table, but we often eat on the couch, or even snacks on the couch, heck even drinks on the couch she's got to stick her nose in. We are working on that.

She's so smart. I don't know if Marc taught her this or if it tends to come naturally with deaf dogs, but when we need her attention from a distance, we flip the lights on and off and she turns and comes right back to us. It comes in handy if she decides to go investigate the house, like go up or down stairs, we can get her attention and she'll come right back. Its a very helpful tool.

She has an amazing "sit" and we are working on "down." I plan to start an obedience class with her in January, and then eventually agility. Today in the snow she was doing mid-air 360 spins - her small size will be a major asset in agility Smile Obviously from her pictures she leans towards the greyhound end of the dane spectrum, and from the Whippets I've known, she really moves a lot like them, springy, fast, able to perform sudden moves.

I'm quite smitten. Mars is horrified most of the time. But he still gets love and he's very slowly warming to her. They play occasionally, and while he definitely has a rougher edge with the play than he did with Mini, he's not mean or hostile. He'll come around eventually.

Hey Marc,

I just wanted to give you a little update on Miss Pix :)

Mars is now playing with her like he used to play with Mini. It just makes me so happy to see him chewing on her back leg and tripping her, just like he used to do with Mini. And to see Pixie turn around and start chasing him as a result, as Mini used to do. She's also sleeping snuggled up with him most of the time now, and he's even snuggled up to her when she's settled down before him. I do have some pictures of them together, though they are still on the camera, hopefully they turned out well and I'll get them to you.

I'm hopefully going to be taking her to a basic obedience class that starts on the 26th. I haven't heard back if I got into it, but I think I did. Once we finish that 7 week course we will hopefully be ready for some of the intro level agility classes. I may also try a CGC class with her at that time. She's doing pretty good behavior wise at home. I'd like to start giving her free roam of the house soon, but first I want to set up a camera so when we do a trial run I can see what's going on. That way I know who causes trouble in the event there is trouble. She's starting to get the idea that she can stand nearby when I'm eating but she has to keep a respectable distance, you know, like her face at least a few inches from my plate and mouth :) She's also learning that if I put my hand on her chest and push softly that I'd like her to back up. Sometimes now all I have to do is touch her chest and she backs up, before I usually had to gently push until she'd back up as far as I wanted her to back up, so I'm glad she's picking up on that.

Anyway, that's an update on her. She's doing quite well, and I can't wait to start some training classes, it will be great to have some one-on-one bonding time. I haven't done much in terms of specific training with her yet but down is coming along a bit better now.

Ok, now really, that's it for the update. I'll see what my pictures look like and post them to the white danes list. There are some of her at the dog park on Leans N Slobbers under the picture pages, titled Pixie goes to the dog park, if you want to take a look at those.

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  • Gender - Female
  • Age/DOB - 8/30/07
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - ~80 lb
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 11/10/07
  • Available as of - now
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - Some
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - Yes
    • with kids -  not small kids
    • with the elderly - probably not
  • Temperament - This little girl is simply amazing. She is the cutest, happiest, friendliest little girl you have ever met. And she may well be the most vocal pup I've ever seen. She is a love and a hoot and instantly puts a smile on your face.

  • Comments

Tari (short for Nefertari which means Beautiful Companion) was surrendered to us by her owner. They only had her about a week and realized that they could not give her the time she needed. A puppy requires a lot of time and as a full time student, her owner simply did not have enough time. So they came to us for help. Tari is very, very smart (smart puppies take even more time, patience and skill to raise) and very manipulative and demanding (typical of a smart puppy). If not raised properly Tari could easily develop a raging case of separation anxiety, or end up trying to run the house. Tari taught herself to sit for her meals and has already started to generalize that to all sorts of situations where she wants something from me. In many ways she is your typical puppy with all that is both good and bad about that. I believe she is going to grow up to be a very loving, very smart dog, with a very strong personality.  She is very vocal so I expect her to grow up into a "talker" It is very hard not to fall in love with Tari once you meet her, she is a dynamic, friendly, outgoing pup.

Please note that we do not place puppies. We encourage people to apply to adopt from us, but Tari will not be available until the date listed above. If you are looking for a young puppy, we are not the rescue for you.

Update 10/08 - Tari is all grown up now and ready for placement. Tari is a prime example of why we do not place puppies. Although she looked to be average sized as a pup, she has grown up to be a very small Dane. She has also grown up to be a rather high energy dog. She would be great for someone looking for a dog to do things with, such as flyball or agility. She is still a love bug and will gladly spend the day curled up on the couch with you, but she will also spend the day tearing around the yard playing hard with the other dogs (and wearing most of them out). She leans strongly towards the Greyhound end of the Great Dane spectrum, in respect to what she looks like, and her speed and energy. But she has more endurance than either your average Dane or Greyhound. With this much energy, we feel it best that she go to a home where she will not be left alone all day, and where the owners will work with her and get her involved in competitive training activities like obedience, flyball, or agility.

We will post additional photos of Tari as time goes by, so check back often.
And if you have any questions about Tari or any of our dogs, email us or call us at 541-782-2242
Click here to fill out an application to adopt Tari or any of the DDRI dogs.


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