Adventures with Spike

Well yes, Spike does like his couch.

Spike on Special Ed                                                                          Spike on Ice

Spike on Ed on Lady                                                                        Spike on Ed and Lady

  Ed on Spike and Grant (see Spike isn't always on top)

Spike on Ed                                      and on Ed                                  and on Ed
Are we sensing a pattern here yet?

Spike on Delilah
(you can just see the abnormal growth of his sinus bone in this shot)

Spike with Delilah again (such cuddle bunnies)
This is just after his bone biopsy

And sometimes he wants to be on his couch, but as the song goes, ya can't always get what ya want

Spike on Ed (well near him at any rate)                        Spike on Ice (sort of)       

Spike by himself (a very rare event)
Give him credit, most of him is on the couch
But sometimes Spike likes his chair

Spike on Ed                                Spike on Ice

And sometimes even the floor will do (though not very often)

Spike on Delilah                                                                          Spike on (and under) Ed

Lady and Delilah on the couch                                      Ed, Lewis and Delilah on the couch
Spike, Martin, Ed, McKenzie on the floor                               Lady, Martin and Spike on the floor        
Lewis 1/2 on the floor and 1/2 on the couch                                                                                            

And of course, Spike does like his bed (okay my bed) a lot too.

It is very rare to see Spike by himself. But it turns out Spike (like me) is not a morning person
(okay he's not a person at all, but you get what I mean).
When everyone else gets up to go potty, Spike will stay in bed and sleep in an extra half hour or so. 
He likes to get up at the top of the "dog side" of the bed, with his back up against the headboard,
and cuddle up to my still warm pillows. ........ It's a hard life, but somebody has to live it.

In The Begining

Stay tuned for more adventures with Spike

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