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  • Gender - female
  • Age - 9 years
  • DOB -
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight -
  • Spayed/Neutered -
  • Taken in on  -
  • Available as of -
  • Housebroken -
  • Obedience trained -
  • Good with other dogs -
    • with cats -
    • with kids -
    • with the elderly -
  • Temperament -
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Snow was an older (9 years) American Eskimo dog at a shelter in Northern California. We were contacted because someone knew us from the K9Addisons list and knew we worked with deaf dogs. The folks at the shelter saw potential in Snow and tried to get her into rescue. They even kept her past their usual cut off period. However it is a hard fact of life in shelters, that a dog like Snow is considered unadoptable because of her age and deafness. We had only a day to find someone to take her. We got the word out and got Eskie and small dog rescues from around the country involved. And Snow is now in a new home in Texas where she has human and doggie pals to hang out with. Snow would not be alive today were it not for the efforts of a number of individuals and rescues. We just happened to be the ones who facilitated her rescue. We do not normally deal with breeds other than Great Dane, but sometimes you just have to lend a hand, even if it is one of those fuzzy little critters. :-)

Here's what her new owners had to say about Snow -

Hi all,
    Snow arrived in Texas and is doing well.  We picked her up and brought her straight home.  She enjoyed the grass and was very friendly immediately. One by one I let my dogs meet and greet her and they fell in love with her. Within a few minutes, they were all in the back yard following her around and watching her.
    A friend mentioned that you would not notice a 'new' dog, she fit right in and hey, what is one more white dog amongst 4?  Take one out of the room and you won't notice that a new one is here!
     She's adorable, lovable, comfortable with me and the dogs and I'm sure my husband is going to fall in love with her. She looks just like my original American Eskimo, Lady who made me fall in love with this breed, she is deaf like our current dog and I rescue deaf dogs.  AND, her name begins with an 'S' which is what our dogs names begin with.  Coincidence?

Thank you everyone for all your help

" Never trust a dog to watch your food." - Patrick age 10 Advice from Kids.

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