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Dane  Ambassador


RIP Sweet Scushy

  • Gender - Male
  • Age/DOB - 12/8/08
  • Height  at the shoulder - 31
  • Weight - 130
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 9/6/11
  • Available as of - 3/6/12
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - Some
  • Good with other dogs - Yes mostly
    • with cats - No
    • with kids -  Mostly
    • with the elderly - Some
  • Temperament -Scushy (rhymes with tushy) is a big happy guy. He likes to play with other dogs, but supposedly had some problems with a Beagle. Is probably too pushy and rambunctious for most small kids, the elderly, etc. without some additional training. He is a drool-er so it's best to feed and water him outside.

  • Comments
We got Scushy from a rescue in Idaho. They pulled him for us, from a shelter in WA. He had been in the shelter for over 8 months and had been placed and returned twice in that time. He was no longer available for adoption and was running out of time. The first placement failed because he was not good with cats. The second placement failed because he supposedly attacked a Beagle. The rescue that pulled him had him evaluated for us by a behaviorist. He did fine with other dogs while with that rescue. Did fine with other dogs during the behaviorist's assessment. And he's doing fine here with the 11 other dogs we have in our rescue. In fact he plays every day with one of our most difficult dogs, a dog that tends to let play get out of hand. Most times this dog's play sessions have to be interrupted because he gets too rough and things start to escalate. But Scushy does just fine with him. So I am not sure what happened with that Beagle, or if Scushy was really at fault in any way. He may have just been protecting himself. You just never know what the real story is sometimes. But often the big dog gets blamed when he wasn't the instigator at all.

Scushy was listed as deaf and mostly blind (blind in one eye and almost blind in the other). When we got him, it was clear he was deaf and had some minor vision impairment, but he is certainly not blind. His vision is perfectly functional. He is a sweet boy. Very vocal. He whines and cries when he wants something or is locked away from you. He is also a protector. He barks and plays at being the home security. Of course with his being deaf, he isn't always barking at real things. He may hear some loud sounds, as he does seem to react to some things. He is a big baby. He may have been neutered late. He is a leg lifter and he does mark his territory. He has also show a potential to be possessive of his people and try to keep other dogs away. We will work on this, as well as teach him some basic skills and commands. As of now he does not seem to have been trained much if at all. But he does want to please so he is willing to learn.

For someone who likes the Mastiff type Dane, Scushy will be a good choice. He has the deep jowls and the head and body shape of the Mastiffs.

We will post additional photos of  Scushy as time goes by, so check back often.
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