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9/19/07 - Milo is Gone.

Hi Marc, & Carol


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It is with great sadness we tell you that we had to put Milo to sleep this week. After seeing you last, Milo was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. That was the reason for his hair loss, and skin condition and many other problems. It finally got the best of him and he is now resting peacefully with a full belly of chocolate pudding & whipped cream. We thank you for bringing Milo into our lives. We are going miss him a lot.


I have attached a couple of pictures of his last weekend.


Take care.


Best Regards,

Tim & Pam 

3/30/03 - Milo has been adopted!!


Milo here. It’s been a year since I went home with my new family, Tim and Pam. They came to visit Marc and all of us at Deaf Dane Rescue because they were looking for another dog to share their home with. There were lots of dogs at Marc’s house waiting to be adopted, but I knew they were the ones for me, so I got real close to Tim and would not let him out of my sight. It only took a few minutes for Tim and Pam to figure it out too, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tim and Pam never had a deaf dog before so Marc taught them some signs so we could talk to each other right off the bat. And we’ve been doing some training with my old friends at Deaf Dane Rescue. Marc says Tim and Pam are getting real good at learning how to work with a deaf dog and I think so too.

We live in Eugene, but I have gotten to travel some. I’ve been to Portland, Leaburg, Springfield and Roseburg. I have also become what Tim and Pam call a Silent Hero. I donate blood at Banners Blood Bank in Springfield. They say I am a perfect canine donor. It doesn’t hurt much, but I have to lay real still. Best part is knowing I am helping a fellow canine in their time of need, and I get cookies.

This past year has been the best! Everyday I get to play ball, go for a walk to the park and if I am not too tired, a good game of tug-of-war. I sure like it here and I think they like having me here too, because they sure laugh and give lots of hugs when we play and just hang out together.

Well, I better go, it’s time for dinner. I just wanted to let you all know I’ve had a great year and look forward to many more.

All of you keep thinking positive thoughts, your new family will come along soon.

Milo (a.k.a. Large White Dog)

  • Gender- Male
  • Age - 2 year  
  • DOB -
  • Height  at the shoulder - 33"-34"
  • Weight - 140
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 12/20/02
  • Available as of - 2/20/03
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - In training now
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - Unknown
    • with kids - not small kids
    • with the elderly -Yes
  • Temperament - excellent, very loving and friendly, a big goofy happy boy
  • Comments-
Hi - My name is Milo and people say I'm a deaf-white Dane, I guess that must be something really special. I loved my family and they loved me, but I loved the chickens and livestock too and that was a big problem! My family had me since I was 12 weeks old, and I'm now 2 yrs. I have grown to be a big burly boy. I am not all that tall, but at 140 lb. I've got what these new people keep calling substance. They keep saying something about my head looking a lot like a Mastiff too, whatever that is, and that I have droopy jowls. I don't quite know what that means either, but they don't seem too happy when I come and rest my head in their laps right after I get a drink. I am crate trained and neutered and have beautiful natural ears. I do know some sign language and I love people and other dogs. I need to find a really good home with lots of dogs and critters and maybe some nice chickens... (NO Milo, you need a home that does not have critters or livestock). I dream about being part of a pack that includes another Dane or two, preferably about my age that I could romp and play with. Otherwise I tend to get lonely when I am on my own. I am a fairly active dog and am used to being on the farm with lots of room to roam. But these new people I'm with are working on this with me. In fact they make me work on all sorts of stuff all the time. Some of it is a lot of fun, cause I love to show off what I know. Some of it seems sort of picky and stupid to me, like not eating stuff that they leave just sitting around in the kitchen. But you have to make allowances for them, after all they're only human. If you would like to hear more about me, please call or email DDRI. Oh yeah that black dog I am with in the pictures below (aren't I handsome by the way) is a new friend I just made named JoJo. She is really fun. They say she growls and snarls a lot while we play, but she is just playing and I know it even though I can't hear her. She and I are best buddies now. But she is sort of delicate and I have to be a little careful with her. The new folks say it's cause her old owners didn't take care of her or treat her right. Boy, if I ever meet them old owners, they are going to be really sorry cause she is a nice dog! That other dog, that looks kinda like me, is another new friend. Her name is Delilah. She thinks she is the boss around here and she won't play with me as much as JoJo. But she is a lot tougher too. She can run sooo fast I can't ever seem to catch her. She seems kinda snooty sometimes though. When I whine and bark at the other dogs, they look at me. But she mostly ignores me. The new people say that's cause she is deaf just like me. I think it must be something else, cause I am not snooty. Delilah's nice, but I like JoJo better. These new people tell me not to get too attached to her cause they are only fostering her (whatever that means) and she'll be going away eventually, but I can't help myself, she's the most fun to play with. She kinda reminds me of my old play pal at my old home, even though she was a Golden Receiver or something like that, anyway she didn't look or smell like me much at all. I like this new house with all these dogs that are like me and are my size, but I sure miss my old family still sometimes.

Update 2/13/03 - Milo is a tail wagger and he nicked the end of his tail a month or so ago. It has not been healing well and we have decided to dock his tail. This will help prevent similar incidents in the future and will also make Milo a bit more "user friendly" in terms of not knocking things over, and not hitting people. Also Milo has become much more confident in his time with us and this has been accompanied by a desire to climb the pack ladder. He is no longer the submissive, low-status dog he was when we got him. This means he should not be placed with any other males, especially large dogs. We would recommend a placement with other large dogs, but only females. Milo is an incredibly affectionate, cuddly dog. He is also a devoted pal, he will follow you around all the time. And anytime you are stationary, he will likely lay down, preferably at your feet. He even lays at your feet (on his own) when you are in line at PetSmart!. For the right family, he will be a fantastic and loving friend. Milo has been on a diet sicne we got him. He is currently 125 lb. and looks better than ever. This is just about a perfect weight for him.

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