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Marsh Mellow

RIP Marsh

Well Marsh's body finally betrayed him. He was deaf and blind in one eye when we got him in 2004, but other than that he was a happy healthy puppy, and big for his 7 months. In 2007 he lost the sight in his good eye, and has been deaf and blind ever since. He also started having seizures in 2007. Our adoptions coordinator (a 2-time adopter of ours at that time and now a 5-time adopter) adopted Marsh in 2007 and he has lived with her, her husband, and their other dogs ever since. He became her husband's dog for the most part, though they were both very attached to him. Last week he started showing symptoms of organ failure, eventually loosing his appetite completely and developing kidney and other problems as well. The decision was made to have him PTS when the vet came into town (the vet is only here on Wednesdays). So today, with his head in Kandace's and my hands, Marsh passed peacefully. He had 5 fantastic years with his new family, and could not have asked for more. He was loved and spoiled, and lived a life any dog would give anything to have. No dog. let alone an unwanted "rescue" could have had it better. We miss him terribly, but we count him as an outstanding success and wish we could give all our rescue dogs such a great life.

Adopted 11/2007

Marsh joined two other DDRI adoptees in his new home. Marsh now lives with "The Sisters" Washu & Ryoko.

As you can see Marsh now leans more towards the couch potato than the thoroughbred,
though he does still have his wild moments, and he loves his Kongs and rope toys.

  • Gender - Male
  • Age/DOB - 01/04/04
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - 120+
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 08/08/04
  • Available as of - Now
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - Yes
  • Good with other dogs - Mostly
    • with cats - Yes
    • with kids - Some
    • with the elderly - Maybe
  • Temperament - Friendly, affectionate, easy going
  • Comments

This boy's name used to be named Powder, but we all decided this guy was a big marshmallow. He is big, white, soft, and sweet, in other words your typical marshmallow. And boy is he big. Right now he is only 6 months old and he is bigger then any of the 1 year olds we have. The current photo is from several months ago and does not show what he really looks like. He came to us from WI. He spent a few weeks in CO on his way here, with a temp foster home. Here's what they had to say about him:.

He is a very good boy in the car and just sleeps and plays with a toy. He does need to be crated at night. He is very good about going potty on a leash and outside if you get him there. He does have accidents in the house if he is not taken out frequently. He is blind in his left eye so to get his attention you must be in front of him or on his right side. He also sleeps VERY hard. I have to touch him or shake him to get him awake in the mornings. He loves to crawl into your lap with tons of kisses. He is pretty sure everyone loves him as much as he loves them. He is very good with other dogs but does not like to share his toys very well. Nothing terrible just a little snarling. But after he does that, he plops the toy in front of whoever he just snarled at and asks them to play. I also have been putting skin-so-soft sun screen/bug off on his ears. When he is outdoors the flies attack his ears. He knows to sit for treats, also he knows that when I put my hand across the bridge of his nose that he has gone too far and it means NO.

Update  4/25/05 - Well Marsh's growth finally slowed down. He is still a good sized Dane, but he is no longer the giant he was as a puppy. Seems the name we picked was not as good as we thought it was going to be. He tends to be a bit manic. Mellow is not his strongest suit. But he is a very outgoing, happy dog, and he simply loves people. Once we get some of his enthusiasm under control, we will be looking to place him. He also has a hard time controlling his bladder still. He often doesn't realize he needs to go until it is too late. He has accidents at the back door waiting to be let out more often than he should. And he doesn't always let us know he needs to go. But he is learning.

Update 8/11/05 - Marsh hit another growth spurt and suddenly shot up another couple inches. So he needs to put back on some weight now. He is has very poor eyesight in his left eye, so his field of vision is not as wide as most dogs and he does not see on that side well, but it does not slow him down a bit. He is still a bit protective of toys and stuff, but only with other dogs. He has had free run of the house for some time now and is doing just fine. He is a very loving affectionate boy who will drape all over you.

Update 9/1/06 - Marsh has pretty much gone completely blind this year. He can see some out of his right eye, and not at all out of his left. He has had a difficult time adjusting to his loss of vision. He is still the same dog basically, but he tends to startle now and he is not particularly comfortable around other dogs. We are working on this though, and we hope with some time to get used to being blind, he will learn to adapt. Unlike the other blind Danes we have worked with, he has not yet figured out to use his nose to scent things out. We have him on a program now to help him learn to use his nose more. He is a doll, still not all that mellow (bit getting a little better all the time), still can have the occasional pee accident, and still a happy dog underneath it all. For the right home, he will be a valued and loved pet who will give lots of love and comic relief.

Update 9/26/07 -
Marsh has adapted well to his blindness. He does still have some level of vision out of his right eye, which helps him and us a lot. He can not see much out of it, but sees enough to know when we flash the lights or to see if a door is open or closed (mostly). This makes life a lot easier for all of us. He is still the same exuberant happy dog he has always been, and is still a bit of a wild man at times. We have been working with him on being calm when he is getting attention. He is so excited about getting attention that he tends to go a bit crazy, so we have been working with him. He is working on laying quietly in the bed with us, and is much better about that now. He loves any time he gets to spend with people, even if it is just laying on my wife's feet. He is especially fond of my wife and searches for her when he has run of the house. Marsh has a lot of special needs and will require a very special family, but he is such a wonderful dog. He will make some lucky (and dedicated) family very, very happy.

Oh, and Kandace wanted me to make sure and tell everyone that Marsh is housebroken now and does not go in the house anymore.

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