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Adopted 5/26/04!
Hello, I thought I would write and give you an update as to how our adoptee is doing. Which has been wonderful. She is doing quite well. She is very smart and arrogant. She has settled in with our family very well and gets along great with our other dog. She has been really good with the kids even though she insists on sitting on them. We have discovered she is not comfortable with seizures, She became very upset when our son had one in front of her. I got the impression she was sensitive to them and didn't know how to handle it. She has also gotten over most of her "zippys". We take her to a big field a couple times a week for a good run and it gets them out of her system. We have had no major problems with her. She really loves to go.

Kimm & Glen Pitney

  • Gender- female
  • Age - ~2 yr
  • DOB - unk
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - 
  • Spayed/Neutered -Yes
  • Taken in on  - 08/1/03
  • Available as of - 11/30/03
  • Housebroken - yes
  • Obedience trained - yes
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - Unk
    • with kids - yes but not too small
    • with the elderly - no
  • Temperament - Under evaluation now

  • Comments
Madison came to us from Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League in North Carolina. They had had her since Jan. but were having some problems with her and wanted help. They were also out of space and were forced to kennel her which was the worst thing for Madison. We offered to take her into our program and after careful consideration and thoroughly checking us out, they decided the best thing for Madison was for her to come to us. She is a high energy dog, atypical of Danes. This combined with her deafness, made her a handful for anyone not specifically setup for this sort of thing. She is a small Dane. She is very sweet and affectionate and loves to be petted but doesn't like to feel confined. After several months in a kennel, this is not too surprising. She has the most fascinating eyes, they are set on a slant, giving her a very oriental and exotic look, almost feline.

Update - Madison tends to want to make a game out of coming when called and will make you chase her if you aren't careful. They key is to not try to go get her, but to make her want to come to you. She is learning to come when called. She likes to dig, and will chew on things when bored, but we are working on these issues and she will grow out of these behaviors. She would probably be best in a home with at least one other larger dog, as she is an active girl and will need someone to play with and keep her amused. Left alone she will probably get destructive out of boredom. She tends to want to sleep on the furniture, but she is learning that that isn't allowed. She can be very flirtatious and loves attention. She would like an owner that spent 26 hours a day petting and playing with her. She can become frightened and may have been abused at one point in the distant past, but she is not a fearful or timid dog. With some basic love, care, and stability she blossoms into a trusting devoted pet.

Madison is the kind of dog that would make a great Frisbee dog. While this is unusual for a Dane, it is one of the first things that come to mind when you watch Madison play. An active owner that will do all sorts of high energy things with Madison, such as  agility trials, Frisbee, flyball, etc. is what Madison is going to need. While she is perfectly happy being cuddled and loved up, she will absolutely go nuts if forced to live the life of a couch potato. Madison is a lithe, acrobatic girl, and that combined with her small stature, slanted eyes, and exotic look have lead us to call her our little ballerina. Madison is a smart girl. She learned her basic obedience very, very quickly. She is eager to please and loves to work. Again, though it is unusual for a Dane, she would make a great "trick" dog. She loves to learn and perform new tricks. She can be headstrong at times, but if you are simply firm, resolute and patient, she will always come through for you eventually.

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