eet Our own deaf
Dane  Ambassador


  •  Gender - Male
  • Age/DOB - Unk
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - Unk
  • Spayed/Neutered - Unk
  • Taken in on  - 04/10/05
  • Available as of - on medical hold
  • Housebroken - Unk
  • Obedience trained - Unk
  • Good with other dogs - Unk
    • with cats - Unk
    • with kids - Unk
    • with the elderly - Unk
  • Temperament - Jesus is so sick right now we really can't tell much about him at all. At this point we are simply focusing on getting him well if we can.

  • Comments

Jesus (hispanic pronunciation - like Hey-Zeus) has been fending for himself since at least Sept. 2004. Back then he was seen wandering around loose by some folks near their home. They were Dane lovers so they tried to get him to come to them but he was just too scared. Then he disappeared. Around Easter they found him one day on their back porch, too weak to run away. Too weak in fact to even stand. He had collapsed on the porch. Somehow he had remembered those nice people who tried to help him months before and made his way to their porch to collapse. They took him in, got him to the vet, and started feeding him. Then they went looking on the internet for help. And that's where we came in. Jesus is facing a prolonged and costly recovery period and we all felt his best chance was with a rescue, so we agreed to take him in.

Update 4/12/05 - I woke up to find an email and a voice mail from the people who had him saying he died around 10:30 last night. Please take a moment to say a short prayer for this poor boy. He wanted to live, but his body was just too ravaged by all it had been through, and it betrayed his will. Rest in peace little Jesus, and know there were lots of people pulling for you and lots of love going your way.           Que duermas con los angelitos, Jesus.

Those of us who work in rescue see emaciated, sick dogs on a regular basis. We see dogs who have been beaten, starved, shot, and burned. But sometimes we come across a dog in such horrific shape that even we are shocked. Jesus is one of those dogs. We know nothing about him or how he came to be stray or be in such terrible condition. We do know that to recover he was going to need vet care and food, lots and lots of top quality food. And that is something we see in rescue every day, though seldom in such an extreme example. We are a relatively small rescue yet our food bill is over $1000 a month. If Jesus' story has moved you,  please take a moment to make a difference. Donate a bag of food to your local Dane rescue in Jesus' name. If you do not know how to contact your local Dane rescue, email me with what city and state you live in, and I will send you the contact info for the Dane rescue(s) in your area.

And if you have the time, volunteer with your local Dane rescue.
They are always overworked and can always use an extra hand.
Just tell them Hey-Zeus sent you.

There is a hole in my heart today.
I just had to add another dog to our memorial page.
I have never met this dog, but I knew him.
I did not even know he existed a few days ago, but I know him now.
He was just a "stray," not one of "my" dogs,
but when I first saw his photos, I cried uncontrollably.
And over the last few days,
I have been working like crazy to help him.
I opened my rescue to him.
I talked a foster home into agreeing to help him.
I talked to a friend,
someone who had been through saving a dog this sick.
I talked with other people in rescue.
I worked with another friend in rescue,
the person who first told me about him
I talked to drivers, and volunteers,
about helping us get this boy up here.
We all pulled together.
We all pulled to save him.
We had everything lined up, as of last night.
We knew he was very sick.
That he might not make it.
That it would cost thousands of dollars to even try.
But we were all ready and willing.
We had it all set up.
I awoke this morning with a real sense of what we had accomplished.
With a sense of what we could accomplish.
With a sense that this boy had a future,
for the first time in a long while.
I awoke ready for battle.
I awoke to find an email.
An email saying he had died last night.
There is a hole in my heart today.
A pain I can not make go away.
He was just a stray.
But I looked into those eyes,
and I knew him.
Now I will miss him. Forever.

Goodbye Jesus. Rest well.

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Heaven goes by favour. 
If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.
-- Mark Twain

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