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Goodbye our little lion.
Ice has been living with our adoptions coordinator, Kandace, and her husband for over a year now. Ice really wasn't an adoptable dog, but he deserved a family of his own. So Kandace agreed to take him so he would get more 1-on-1 time. Despite being one of four dogs at their house, and the "new dog," he quickly became Kandace's special boy. We still got to see him every day because she brought him with her to "work" every day. He had always been a wonderful grandpa to the young dogs. It was a job he really seemed to enjoy, and he continued as grandpa right up to the end, even as his body betrayed him. A number of years ago we had some xrays taken of Ice, because of some swelling. When we saw just how bad his joints were, we were astonished. As was our vet. She told us back then, she didn't understand how he was even walking around. However he was and he continued to do so without any problems until last summer. He has slowly been getting worse and worse since then. And today Kandace made the decision to put him to sleep before things got really bad. He wasn't suffering but the pain meds were maxed out and starting to loose effectiveness, and he was getting so unsteady on his feet he was avoiding the other dogs. We all felt it was best to let him go before his quality of life diminished, while he was still loving life. We will all miss him terribly. He was a special dog. A royal PITA sometimes, especially when he was young. But there was just something about him.

He became quite the celebrity around Oakridge. People were always stopping Kandace to say hi to Ice. Ice went pretty much everywhere with Kandace, and that meant that folks all over Oakridge got to meet him and know him. He was getting to be pretty famous. Ice really raised awareness of our rescue in the area and was a wonderful ambassador for deaf dogs in general. Ice's passing is going to be hard on Kandace. It will be especially difficult as folks in town bump into Kandace and ask where Ice is. But I know Kandace wouldn't have missed her time with Ice for anything.

Good bye our growly prince.

   Spike on Grandpa Ice                                  And Spike trying to curl up with Grandpa Ice

  • Gender - male
  • Age/DOB - 12/18/01
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - 120
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 10/10/04
  • Available as of - 04/10/05
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - some
  • Good with other dogs - Not some small dogs
    • with cats - No
    • with kids - not very young
    • with the elderly - no
  • Temperament - Seems to have a higher than average prey drive

  • Comments
Ice came to us from Arkansas Great Dane Rescue. Here's what they had to say about him.

He is a sweet sweet boy, loves people, gets along with everyone and all the other danes in his foster home. He is learning about crates. great on a leash. He is hw positive and is on preventative. He is altered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is a very special guy. He is smart and very loyal. He will be a great addition to any family that has a little extra time to spend with him. His picture does not do him justice as he is quite the looker.

Ice just got here so we haven't yet gotten a good read on him. He is a happy kind of guy, a bit exuberant, and needs a strong but very loving hand from what we can see so far. He had no trouble dealing with suddenly being part of a pack of 19 Danes. He can get a bit out of control. He eats like he's never seen enough food. He was a hit with all the people involved in his transport. We'll update this page with more info and photos as time goes by.

Update 5/1/05 - We have had Ice for a while now. He is generally a very sweet, mellow dog, but he also has his moments of rowdiness. He can get hyper excited sometimes and can be a handful. He does growl at you sometimes but it is not aggressive, he is just a very talkative dog. In fact he often growls when he is happy. It can be unnerving for someone who isn't used to this sort of behavior. He has special needs and will require a firm loving hand. He will only be placed in a home with experience with large active assertive dogs. All in all he is a wonderful boy, and he will be devoted to his new owners. But he is certainly not the dog for everyone. If you are up to the task, he will reward you with love unending, and a marvelous quirky personality. He gets along just fine with the other dogs here, though he can come on a little strong for some. As in other situations where he tends to vocalize a lot, he can sound a bit scary when playing with the other dogs, but it is just his way, he is not being aggressive. If the dog can deal with this, there won't be a problem. But he intimidates some dogs, so we need to be careful about placing him with other dogs. But let me reiterate, he is not being aggressive with the other dogs, he just is very vocal and enthusiastic, and he is not the most socially adept dog so he can get too rowdy sometimes. His favorite play buddy is an intact male we have right now named Frodo. Frodo is unfazed by Ice and sees it all as just good fun, so these two guys get along great. If Ice were really aggressive in any way, this just would not be possible. But these two guys are always playing and roughhousing together and they get along just fine. Their play often sounds like WWII, but if you watch them, they are just having the time of their lives playing. On the other hand we have another intact male who is fearful and insecure, and he and Ice do not get along all that well.

Update 5/1/08 - Ice is in our Sanctuary Dog program now. He is available for adoption, but has some very specific needs. He has a huge prey drive, and will attack any small animals he can get a hold of. Ice was placed unsuccessfully several times by the last rescue that had him. Turns out the reason his last adoptive home gave him up and shipped him to us was that he was trying to kill their cats. And last year we found out it isn't just small animals. He even tried (unsuccessfully, because they are kept separated) to attack one of our horses. Ice does exceptionally well with the 7 other dogs he lives with 24/7. Frankly he has grown up to be one of the most easy going and gregarious dogs here. He is happy to hang out with the other dogs, often sleeping in the middle of the "dog pile," but he is equally comfortable off by himself, napping in the sun or chewing on a bone. He still loves to roughhouse and play, but he has finally matured enough to learn a soft mouth and some self control. Interestingly enough he is the dog most other dogs in his group choose to share a bed or crate with. Many times when I go out to the dog building, I find Ice and some other dog curled up together in an open crate or on a Kuranda. The other dog varies a lot, but Ice is always the one with a pal. Managed properly Ice is a great dog and we are glad we are able to give him sanctuary here. And if that perfect home ever comes along, we will give a happy cheer. But it will take an exceptional home.

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