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Adopted February 2006!!
Look Ma, I finally got my forever HOME!

  • Gender- Female
  • DOB - 01/04/04
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - 80 lb.
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 02/29/04
  • Available as of - 05/31/05
  • Housebroken - mostly
  • Obedience trained - yes
  • Good with other dogs - Some
    • with cats - Unk
    • with kids - Yes but not small kids
    • with the elderly - No
  • Temperament - Great temperament. She is a sweetie pie and very affectionate. Of course she is a puppy, so...

  • Comments
2/29/04 - What can we say? We just got Hushpuppy today and she is an adorable, well behaved little ball of fur. She loves to snuggle and to play with your fingers, your ears, your nose, whatever she can get to. She is a happy, outgoing, well adjusted puppy. She is affectionate and has a well balanced personality. She has all the behaviors you'd expect from a puppy this age, she chews on stuff she shouldn't, including body parts, she raises holy hell if left unattended in a crate, when she isn't playing and getting into trouble she is either sleeping, eating, or pottying, in other words she seems perfectly normal.

Hushpuppy came to us from her breeder and is AKC registered. Check back for updates as we get to know our newest little girl.

Update 4/1/04 - Well, Hushpuppy is a real pistol. She has enough attitude for 3 dogs. She is certain this whole universe was put here just for her amusement. She is a happy, inquisitive pup who can be very demanding, but somehow she is just so cute you do not seem to mind. She is smart and willing to work if there is something in it for her. She is going to be a hoot when she grows up.

Update 4/25/05 - We have been so busy around here I haven't had time to update photos or webpages like I should. I added a few photos of Hushpuppy today. She is pretty much done growing and is a small dog, another of those Southern Teacup Danes. A lot of people have been captivated by the early photos I took of her sleeping on me. That was pretty much the last time she was quiet and still for any length of time. She is a high energy dog with a ton of personality and a big mouth. She truly believes she is the center of the universe and everyone works for her. And she has no problems with letting you know if she thinks you aren't doing a good job. She is the same way with the other dogs. She runs the roost around here despite giving a good 75 lb. to most of the dogs. She will need to either be an only dog, or be paired with just the right dog. She absolutely will not stand for anything less than being the top dog. She is smart, very active, and can be high maintenance. She will need a home prepared for this sort of dog. She is not your typical Dane at all. She is almost more like a Jack Russell Terrier in a small Dane suit. She is not dog aggressive, but if pushed she has a temper and she will fight with other dogs, which is very unusual for our dogs. She loves to learn new things and is easy to train.

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Hushpuppy in background

Hushpuppy in background

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