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Adopted 10/27/12

Grant finally found his home, and he got to bring two of his DDRI buddies with him!
Grant now lives with Sugar and Tika in his new home,
plus he has 2 new friends, Tilly, a Doberman and Mini, a Bichon

  • Gender - Male
  • Age/DOB - 1/13/2009
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight - 120
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 2/14/10
  • Available as of - 2/1/11
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - Yes
  • Good with other dogs - Mostly
    • with cats - Unk - maybe not
    • with kids -  Yes but not small kids
    • with the elderly - probably not
  • Temperament - Grant hasn't grown up yet, okay he probably never will. He is a ditzy puppy in a full grown Dane body. He also has some behavioral issues, like a mild case of cumplusive behavior. He is sweet as can be, but needs a strong leader as an owner

  • Comments
Grant has been around. We don't know a lot about his past, but he's been in at least one other shelter or rescue. And been placed unsuccessfully at least once before he came to us. From his behaviors when we first got him, I'd guess that he spent most of his first year alone and mostly ignored, maybe kenneled or something like that. He has some OCD behaviors that lead me to believe he was isolated and ignored, with nothing much to do, and had to learn to amuse himself. He is a typical adolescent in many ways, but also very immature in some ways. He was never taught to respect anything, not people, not other animals. He's clearly been in an environment where there was a leadership vacuum and has tired to fill that vacuum. And because he is big and strong and does not know to respect people, he was very pushy and bossy when he got here. He also tended to be that way with other animals too, but he is also very insecure and lacking in any social skills. This is always a bad combination. He isn't an inherently aggressive dog, but because of his various issues, he tended to be seen by other dogs that way, with the expected result of him having issues with other dogs. When he got here, he paid little to no attention to the other dogs unless they intruded into his space or disturbed his OCD behaviors. If we intruded on his OCD and tried to block or restrain him he would simply get more and more frantic to be let loose. With other dogs he would snap. He did not see dogs as friends or playmates and really wanted nothing to do with them. When laying down he would snap at any dog that got near him or (god forbid) touched him. Even food wasn't much of a draw for him when he was really into his OCD stuff, but he was treat driven when we got him, which did help. And he did appear to  have had some training at some point in his life, though it either didn't amount to much or didn't stick. He was very insecure underneath everything, and was desperately clingy at first. After a few days he got more at ease here and some of that went away.

Update- 1/15/11 We've been working with Grant almost a year now. He is a completely different dog. He is respectful, interacts well with other dogs, has almost completely stopped his OCD stuff, and is turning into a nice boy. He will need a strong leader as an owner, because he could easily fall back into his old ways for a while. But he is a very nice young dog now and is enjoyable to have around. He is still, and likely always will be, a bit quirky, but it's quirky in a good way. As you can see by the following photos, he is not the right dog for folks with fancy furniture or who are obsessively clean. OTOH he can be extremely entertaining and sometimes even make you forget he's sitting on an end table.

We will post additional photos of  Grant as time goes by, so check back often.
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Yep, that's Grant on the left, sleeping with other dogs.
He's come a long way, baby.


"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion"
- Unknown

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