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RIP Sweet Glenna

Hello Marc.

It has taken me a week to write this e-mail to you and I am writing with tears to let you know that we said goodbye to our sweet Glenna on Dec. 13th.  According to your calculations when we adopted her she would have been 11 years old this winter.  Today was my first day home alone in the house since she passed and it was such a difficult day for me.  I found myself wandering to where her bed was several times and waiting to hear the clink of her collar as she followed me through the house.

She began to go down hill about 9 months ago.  It began with fecal incontinence (hard stools) and the doctors I work for suggested a radiograph to see if she had spondylosis, which she did but their eyes were drawn to her lymph nodes along her intestines.  They seemed quite enlarged and as she progressed they figured that she had intestinal lymphoma.  She quickly went from incontinence of hard stools to all out blow outs several times a day through the house.  I felt so bad for her because she would be looking at me with "guilty" eyes and I tried my best to comfort her and let her know that I knew she couldn't help it.  Her hind legs slowly became weaker as well and during one of her last meals I watched as she stool at her bowl, slowly sinking into a sitting position as she couldn't hold herself up anymore.

She still had such spunk and despite her weakness she would tear around the yard like she did as a "young" Dane!  It was so fun to watch her although I knew that she would have a heck of a time getting out of her bed the next morning after exerting herself the way she did.  :)  I tried several Rx diets and thought I had the problem solved with a high fiber diet - after 7 months of blow outs she finally had "turds"!  She couldn't figure out why I was so excited when I walked into her room and saw turds on the floor.  She just joined in and got excited herself.  She even managed to go to the bathroom outside 2 times the first several days which was great.  That lasted about 5 days and then it started to become loose again and after cleaning up 6 messes in one day I had to seriously think about her quality of life.  She was down to 100 pounds again even though she was eating 8-10 cups of food per day.  She was ravenous but just couldn't keep any weight on. 

Eric and I decided to euthanize that Thursday morning, the 13th.  Hadley and Lainey (our girls) said their goodbyes and I drove her to work.  She always hung out in the lounge at work so I brought her bed in and we all gathered around.  I held her and cried and told her to trust me that we would be together again.  She went very peacefully in my arms.  I had her cremated and plan to spread her ashes back in Oregon when I have an opportunity to visit.  I promised her one more hike in the gorge and to return her to her home where she belonged.  She was never good at being a Minnesota dog - too cold despite her sweater, boots, and coat.  :)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting us to adopt Glenna.  She brought us such joy and was the kindest, most gentle dog I will ever know.  She was so beautiful and was known everywhere for her baby blue eyes.  She enjoyed weekends in the summer at the lake watching all of the kids play in the water.  She also loved pontoon rides and would sit with her front legs crossed like a princess watching other boats go by.  At home she would find the most sunny spot in the yard and lay for hours as I worked in the garden.  I can't imagine next summer without her.  Anyways, thank you again Marc for blessing us with such a wonderful companion.  She will be greatly missed until I see her again.

With a sad heart,


Adopted 01/25/04 !!

Hello there Marc!  I was just checking out your website and was reading Glenna's home page.  I have to say that I started to cry.  I just can't imagine why anyone would have gotten rid of her, not fed her, not played with her, etc.  I know you feel the same.  She is our life now and I'm so thankful for all of the hard work you put into getting her there.  She cracks us up every day with her quirky little ways and how she thinks she's a little lap dog and will sit on top of me without even thinking twice.  She's also become quite a cat lover and gives our little Zephyr kisses galore.  I'm not so sure he appreciates it but she seems to enjoy giving them.

If anyone is curious about owning one of your deaf danes, please have them (contact) us. We would love to talk to them about how rewarding it is and how great the dogs are. I would never think twice about owning a deaf dog now. It definately has it's plusses!

Thanks again Marc Take care,
Tiffany, Eric, and Glenna

  • Gender- Female
  • Age - 14 months  
  • DOB -
  • Height  at the shoulder - 31"-32"
  • Weight - 99
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 10/10/03
  • Available as of - 10/25/03
  • Housebroken - yes
  • Obedience trained - yes
  • Good with other dogs - Some
    • with cats - yes
    • with kids - yes!
    • with the elderly -Yes
  • Temperament - shy with people some but very sweet and loving

  • Comment
Glenna was adopted from us back in June, but she is back now. She supposedly got into a fight with one of the other dogs in her new home today and they brought her back. We will keep her for a while just to check her out, but she will be available for adoption very soon. Glenna is a great girl and will make someone a wonderful pet. But we suggest she be an only dog or her new onwers be Dane savvy.  To see Glenna's original webpage and story from when she first cam to us back in December of 2002 click here.  These photos are all from Glenna's original webpage, we will update this page with some more current photos in the next few days.

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