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RIP Beau (DB)

Hi Marc --
It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that our big beautiful boy, Beau, went to join Seamus yesterday afternoon.  After a downward roller coaster run -- gathering speed all the way -- of increasing pain, and a war between his arthritic hips and Wobblers symptoms in the front on wrists that could no longer bear his body weight, he was so very clearly not in a place that he would have chosen to be that we knew it was time to help him find peace.  The rapid decline over the last 10 days was shocking . . .our vet says she's fairly certain that he had a tumor in his neck, either in the connective tissue somewhere or in the neurological system.
As you might imagine, there is a hole in our hearts today that will take a long time to fill. Cathy and I also feel a lot of peace, knowing that he is no longer in pain, and can once again chase a tennis ball, go on long walks in beautiful places, and rejoin his best friend for adventures and mischief.  Three years ago, they spent a month in the woods of North Idaho, with another friend, Scruffy.  The three of them ran 11 acres every morning.  Beau found one of Scruffy's toys -- a stuffed duck -- and carried it around like a prize . . . then he tried to bury it.  It would turn up again and again, covered with dirt and hanging from Beau's mouth.  Then one morning, they disappeared.  Turned out the 3 of them were off on "The Great Chicken Debacle," so named for the chase through a distant neighbor's hen house.  They didn't hurt anything, and they came home with eyes gleaming.  I can see them now, meeting up in the woods today and taking off on the next adventure.  As our doctor injected the euthanasia drugs yesterday, I told Beau to "go find Seamus" and I know he has.
We often called them Huck and Tom . . . from that first weekend at the Tired Dog Ranch, they were a formidable team intent on wringing the most fun out of every day.  Yesterday -- it turns out -- was Mark Twain's birthday, and you may have noticed the Google logo was a picture of Huck and Tom painting a fence.  Another sign to me that we were making the right decision and at the exact right time as well.
Echo -- our new friend, an 18-month old black dane -- helped Beau feel more secure in his final months, and we are now so grateful to have him with us.  He is a sweet, gentle happy,mischevous soul.  Having him around is like living with Kokopelli!  We look forward to many happy stories about his time with us . . . and will share pictures so that you can get to know him as well.
Thank you -- again, and always -- for your generous gifts to Great Danes who need someone to love and care for them, and specific to our family.  Beau and Seamus were incredible, very special boys and we were blessed to share our lives with them for an entirely too short time.
with much dog slobber and kisses :0)
Tami and Cathy

Adopted! 4/11/05

  • Gender - male
  • Age/DOB - about 1 yr.
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight -
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 12/03/04
  • Available as of - Now
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - Yes
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - Unk
    • with kids - Yes
    • with the elderly - Yes
  • Temperament - DB is a big happy goof. He is very sweet and affectionate, wants nothing more than to make you happy, will climb in your lap and snooze for hours, but really doesn't understand just how big he is yet.

  • Comments

We got DB from a fellow Dane rescuer in TX. He is just a gem of a dog. He has this sweet dumb puppy look and attitude, and he is really very well behaved. He has grown faster than his mind can keep up though, so he still thinks he's a little puppy sometimes. He doesn't realize quite how big he is. He thinks he can still fit in your lap for example, and if you let him, he'll crawl up and try to nap in your lap, at least as much of him as can fit. He really is an amazingly kind, sweet, generous dog without a mean bone in his body. He just wants to love someone and make them happy. He has become a favorite around here, and we are going to have a hard time when he leaves us. We are working on his training, but he is such a good boy, and so eager to please, that we are willing to place him before he is fully trained. He is an easy dog to train, and anyone with any experience training big dogs will have no trouble training DB.

Update 2/12/05 - We've decided DB stands for Dumb Bunny and we've taken to affectionately calling him Bunny. It just seems to fit his personality. The thing is he isn't dumb, but he sort of acts big, dumb, and goofy. He is really a wonderful big boy. Very cuddly and affectionate, he is a big kisser. You may need a bath after a hugfest with Bunny. He is just the biggest, happiest, goofiest boy you can imagine. He is a real pleasure to have around. He is still young and sometimes has a hard time knowing when he needs to go pee. but he is really good about trying to let us know. This is an age and maturity issue and will get better as he gets older. Bunny is another favorite around here and will make someone very happy.

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