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Adopted 8/27/04


The new year is upon us, and things are going beautifully with Daisy. She is absolutely perfect in every way, and everyone that comes in contact with her loves her. She has adopted my daughter's yellow Nike polar fleece vest as her own and isn't interested in going outside without it on. I must admit that she looks rather sporty in it.

Daisy and Rufus are quite the cute couple! They snuggle each other at night, and Rufus always licks the excess water off of Daisy's lips when she's done drinking.

Thanks again for everything!!

Daisy and her buddy Violet holding hands.

  • Gender- Female
  • Age - ~6 months  
  • DOB -
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight -
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 1/17/04
  • Available as of - 5/17/04
  • Housebroken - sort of
  • Obedience trained - working on it
  • Good with other dogs - yes
    • with cats - yes
    • with kids - yes
    • with the elderly -Yes
  • Temperament - can be shy sometimes but very sweet and loving

  • Comment
Daisy just came to us from a shelter in Northern California. She is a very sweet, loving girl but tends to be a bit timid. Not fearful, but she can easily get overwhelmed and need some reassurance and extra loving. She is a good size girl and seems very healthy. IN most ways she seems a typical puppy.

We are evaluating her now, but have already started her training. She is very eager to please and learns quickly. However she is still young and easily distracted. :-)

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