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7/29/10 - RIP Connor
I just got a call today informing me that Connor was put to sleep. Age had caught up with him and his owner felt it was best to let him go. Connor got quite the send off. He had 3 large steaks and a gallon of ice cream on his last day. In fact he was licking the remains of the ice cream off his lips when he passed. What a way to go!

Thanks Jeremy. No one could have asked for a better adopter or a better friend for Connor.

2/28/03 -
Connor has been adopted!!

Hi Marc,
This was taken today at the dog park in midtown Atlanta.  Connor is thriving and I am completely smitten. He goes to the dog park almost everyday and now has a house with a HUGE yard where he is quite the celebrity. We see lots of other Danes in our travels, but never have I seen one as social with complete strangers including small kids, old people.  He is so special beyond his enormity. He weighs 185lb, but remains trim and active.
Cheers,  Jeremy Coty

Long video clip
56k download time ~14 min (<1 min with broadband)

A Special Bond

  • Gender- Male
  • Age - 1 year  
  • DOB -
  • Height  at the shoulder - 39+"
  • Weight - 125
  • Spayed/Neutered - Yes
  • Taken in on  - 6/26/02
  • Available as of - 1/1/03
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - In training now
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - Unknown
    • with kids - not small kids
    • with the elderly - No
  • Temperament - excellent, very loving and friendly, Connor is a really big dog and can be intimidating because of his size, he is also a dominant male, but he is a very sensitive sweet boy who bonds very closely with his people
  • Comments
12/11/02- Connor has come back to us. We placed him in a home down in Southern California back in September. Unfortunately the family's other male Dane has recently started picking fights with Connor. They were afraid Connor was going to get seriously hurt, so they asked us to take him back. They were very broken up over this because they had grown very attached to Connor. Connor is one of those kind of dogs, everyone that meets him seems to fall for him. He is just such a loving, sweet dog, with such a great personality, that you can't help falling in love with him. Connor is big, and is still very much a playful puppy. He needs room to romp, and a canine companion or two. Another Dane would be best, but any dog big enough to stand up to Dane play would be okay. He needs a firm, consistent hand. He is a master at "training" people and you will need to work on his training regularly. It isn't that he won't obey, he is very motivated to please and easy to train and work with. It's just that he will easily fall back into old habits and start training you if you aren't attentive. He'll happily run your household if you don't make it clear who is in charge. If you are steady and consistent with his training, and avoid his attempts to teach you, you will be rewarded with a fabulous and very cuddly companion who will quickly be your best friend. Oh yeah, that discoloration on Connor's nose in most of these photos is gone now. He had that when we first got him in back in June but it went away pretty quickly. It was from a muzzle or halter collar we think. He has grown even taller while he was away, he now measures around 39" at the shoulder! He is such a regal, elegant looking dog. Because of Connor's bad experience with this placement with another male, we will not adopt him out to a home with any other large male dogs.

7/01/02- Connor is a sweetheart who just needed some consistent training and regular discipline so he knew what the boundaries were. He was given up to DDRI by his owner who got him at 3-4 months of age on a referral from another rescue agency. The owner had owned a deaf Dane before but was working two jobs and was unable to properly train Connor. There was also an issue of an elderly relative living in the house that was not able to deal with Connor. This was the primary reason the owner gave Connor to DDRI. He is a warm, loving dog who really wants to please. He is very smart and is learning his basic obedience signs as fast as we can teach them to him. We expect Connor to be ready for adoption some time in late July or early August. Connor's dream home would already have a trained adult Great Dane (or more), no small children, no elderly or infirm residents, and owners who are familiar with Danes and have time to spend with Connor. A retired couple or someone who isn't away at work all the time would be best. Connor is not a "problem" dog. He is coming along amazingly fast. In just under a week he has learned sit, down, stay, potty, and has pretty well learned come and his name sign. With just a little extra TLC at first, Connor will develop into a fabulous dog for the right people. Click here to 
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