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Adopted 5/2/04!
  • Gender - female
  • Age - Unk
  • DOB -
  • Height  at the shoulder -
  • Weight -
  • Spayed/Neutered - not yet
  • Taken in on  - 2/16/04
  • Available as of - 6/26/04
  • Housebroken - Yes
  • Obedience trained - not yet
  • Good with other dogs - Yes
    • with cats - yes
    • with kids - yes
    • with the elderly - yes
  • Temperament - Sweet and affectionate, a little fearful sometimes and still in her velcro phase

  • Comments
JaJa (pronounced Zsa Zsa, like the Gabor sister) was turned over ot us by her owner in Oklahoma. The local Dane rescue worked with us in getting JaJa and fostering her until transport could be arranged. She is currently in temporary foster care in OK, awaiting a transport here to us. The foster family have sent us some photos and a bit of info on JaJa and how she has been doing with them, which we are including below.

JaJa is a very sweet lovable girl.  She gets along very well with kids and other dogs.  She loves to chase the goldfish in the aquarium and lick the glass.  She is doing very well in her crate with little to no resistance.  She traveled very well.  I was able to bathe her, although she was not real fond of it.  She is okay on the leash.  Does not pull really pull much, but we will continue to work on that.  I don't think she knows what a collar or leash was before us, so I think she is doing very well.  She appears to be a “Velcro” dog because she will not let us out of her sight.  She follows us everywhere even while in the backyard.  She has made herself at home and really LOVES to lay on the couch or chair.  She seems to enjoy being brushed with a curry brush.  She responds to some sounds and sees some.  She was able to chase after a ball until she lost sight of it and could not find it.  She really enjoys knuckle bones and other similar bones.  She appears too skinny as you can see her back bone all the way down and when feeding her she acts like she has not eaten in a week. She appears to be very smart, eager to please and eager to learn.  She can open the screen door with her nose.  So we will have to make sure it stays locked. We have all fallen in love with her and know she will make someone a great friend.  She deserves a very loving forever home with a soft couch she can cuddle up on.

She gets along good with my dogs.  Kaiser is an absolute puppy pest to her.  And she has started growling at him to back away.  So I have kenneled him when I see the need just to give her a break.  She LOVES to run full speed out in the backyard. 

I am not sure if she hears some or just the vibrations.  But she turns and looks for noises on the computer and other dogs barking outside.  She comes when you call her name and we are working on the "down" command and "stay" command.  She wants to be with you so much that she does not like to "stay" when you walk out the fence.  But most of all, she loves the furniture.  She has almost knocked the recliner over several times.  If it were not for the wall behind it, I am sure it would have gone over.  She also loves the couch.  A true Couch Potato.


While sitting at the 1st vet's office waiting forever, there were 2 cats brought in.  She was a little curious about them so I allowed her to sniff them.  She sniffed and was not sure but showed absolutely no aggression.  I took her on base today and a bus load of service men were getting out and all passed by making wonderfully sweet comments about her, and zip, no aggression, just wanting them to pet her.  She has been around other dogs and nothing.  Took her back to the kennels in the back at my vets and the dogs were barking like crazy, one dog snarled at her and she just looked at him and sniffed at the kennel he was in.  She is an Angel!  She is getting better on the leash and not pulling much.  Oh, i took her by a friend's house that has an autistic son that is 5 and she did great with him also.

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